About Us

Welcome to the essence of authentic flavor at Rage Jerky, where our products transport you to the nostalgic era when beef jerky tasted unmistakably like real beef. Unlike the commonplace experience of hastily grabbing jerky or meat sticks from the local convenience store in a desperate quest for a satisfying snack, we offer a departure from uncertainty.

Enter Rage Jerky, where our primary goal is to reconnect you with your primal instincts and liberate you from the realm of mass-produced, questionable "beef jerky." Say goodbye to the afterthought of whether what you just consumed is genuinely healthy or if it even qualifies as real beef. Our commitment is clear: we deliver small-batch, 100% USDA certified real beef, available in six delectable flavors of jerky and beef sticks.

Meet the driving force behind Rage Jerky, Devin Gagnebin and Beau Erhardt. Their daily mission revolves around crafting top-tier meat snacks that evoke a sense of pride even in your Grandpa. Join us on a journey back to the roots of savory, wholesome goodness with every bite.