About Us

Our jerky takes you back to the good ol’ days when beef jerky tasted like, well, beef. Just like millions of other people, the idea of buying jerky at the local convenience store is nothing more than a last ditch effort of finding a healthy snack to cure hunger. After your hunger subsides and you reflect on what you just ingested, you’re not even sure it’s healthy, let alone real beef! Cue Primal Jerky! Our mission at Primal Jerky is to get you back to your PRIMAL instinct and forego that mass-produced, not sure it's real beef, "beef jerky". We sell small-batch, 100% USDA certified real beef with five savory flavors to choose from. The owners of Primal Jerky, Devin Gagnebin and Beau Erhardt strive every day to create a high-quality jerky that even your Grandpa would be proud of.